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Who We Are

Who We Are


Welcome to Make Makeup Great Again! My name is Amanda Ensing and I have been a Beauty Content Creator for almost a decade. I started this project when Sephora disaffiliated with me publicly. They responded to a comment from a customer saying I was part of a “dangerous MAGA group.” Sephora commented back thanking that person for letting them know and saying that social media content I published didn’t fit in with their “values and inclusivity.” If this isn’t a direct attack on my conservative views, then what is? This is unacceptable, it’s wrong. When did makeup get political? When did red or blue determine if you are worthy to wear makeup? After posting a video sharing my experience, the internet spread it far and wide. Together, we created a movement to make the Beauty Industry inclusive again. Since becoming vocal on my conservative views, most brands have decided not to work with me. On the outside, the beauty industry claims diversity, but on the inside, they only want those who think like them. While I am launching my own beauty brand later this year, I wanted to create a space here that reminds us of the mission: Make Makeup Great Again. I grew up in a tiny town in Tennessee and didn’t make it this far to be silenced or censored by big companies that think they can push around the little guy. We won’t spend our hard-earned dollars supporting companies that only want us if we align with their political agenda. Makeup is for everyone, regardless of who you are. If you have ever experienced hate or discrimination for your beliefs, know you have a place here. We are a small team in Nashville, TN dedicated to giving people a place they feel loved. We hope you join and become part of our story. God Bless!

Amanda Ensing